Testimonials from parents:


"I just wanted to send a note to congratulate you all on the wonderful camp you conducted at the Iskcon Mandir. My children and I learned so much from the camp.  I live in Ann Arbor which is a good hours drive from the temple.So I decided to stay during the 4 days of camp with my 3 children at the Mandir. The prabhuji's and the mataji's were so warm and friendly and welcoming.  My children and I made so many friends. Infact my children were sad to see the camp end on Saturday. I couldn't believe my eldest daughter was chosen to play the part of Lord Krishna in the small play that the older children performed for the other parents on Saturday.  With all the positive encouragement and help of her teachers at the camp she did an amazing job!  My husband and I were very surprised!"


"My younger children loved the arts and crafts projects that they did during the camp. They still have their artwork on display at home for all to see!"


 "Without hesitation I am going to bring them to the camp this year again because we as a family gained so much from it mentally and spiritually."


"And most importantly my children now actually look forward to coming to the Mandir which they didn't before we did the camp.  Congratulations on all your efforts and hard work.  Looking forward to another great camp!"


"Following the desire of Srila Prabhupada, since last 5 years Devasadan Mandir is conducting Krishna Kids Camp in Detroit very successfully. During the camp all the participating children and parents are happiest and very eager to participate in all activities. As a result every year number of participants are doubling. During camp the temple atmosphere is also vibrant and blissful.

All glories to Krishna kids camp organizing team.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada."