Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child cannot come for the whole 4 days?

You can select any of the days you would like to attend. Each day selected is $30 for camp and $35 for youth retreat.


What if my child has allergies?

Please indicate on the registration form if your child has allergies. If you require medication onsite for your child, please contact Nitya Kishori Dasi 248-318-1502 for medical forms and permission.


Can my child receive transportation?

Yes, we are providing a shuttle bus from Iskcon Farmington to ISKCON Detroit and back. Troy bus will be from 16mile/Rochester Rd area to temple. See registration form for option selection. Based on registration, we will be opening lines of transportation from Canton and Sterling Heights. If you have additional questions or need transportation for another location, please contact Nitya Kishori Dasi 248-318-1502.


What if my child needs a nap?

Please email us and we will provide a quiet rest area for your little one.


If I have 2 or more kids registering, do I have to fill out the form again?

No, you may enter as many children as you like per registration form. After registering your first child, click on registering another child and all repeating information will be copied over. Please fill out child specific information before finishing the registration for additional child.


Do you have lodging available?

Yes, lodging for out of state/distant campers can be individually arranged by contacting Nitya Kishori Dasi at 248-318-1502.


What are my payment options?

Please pay at the time of registration using the PayPal processing site. You can use your PayPal account, create a PayPal account or use a credit card through PayPal if you don\'t have an account. All payments must be processed through PayPal. No checks or cash will be accepted. If you have any questions or payment concerns, please contact Neetu Khullar at 586-873-9516.


Why as my total $2 more?

Every transaction has a $2 registration processing fee. It is only by transaction and not per each child. This is a standard processing fee for camp payments. Thank you for your understanding.


Why does Youth Retreat cost more?

Youth retreat requires additional transportation to participate in community service thus youth require additional fee of $5/day.


What if my child is almost 11, can they join youth retreat?

Youth participating in the retreat must be attending middle school or high school. The nature of activities requires them to be at these grade levels. If your child is attending elementary school, please register them for camp. We follow the State of Michigan school age assignments.