Camp Rules

1.   Be respectful to all Camp Adults.  Please follow all directions set by Camp Adults.
2.   Respect other people, their work, belongings and space.  Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
3.   Please keep voice low.  Avoid shouting and yelling.
4.   No running in temple.
5.   NO LITTERING!  Leave your activity area cleaner then you saw it.  Clean up you projects before going to the next one.
6.   Stay within the boundaries set by Camp Adults.  If you need to leave the area, please inform the Camp Adult.
7.   If someone does or says something to you that you don’t like or hurts your feelings, ask them to STOP and tell them why.  If they don’t stop, tell the Supervisors immediately.
8.   NO swearing, talking back, name calling or fighting of any kind.  Abusive language, hitting or any kind of physical/mental abuse is not permitted at anytime and justified grounds for notifying parents and/or removal from camp.
9.   Children are not allowed to go out of the temple unless supervised by an Adult.
10.  Be kind and friendly to all.  Make sure no one feels left out.  Have fun!